VenewLive is a Digital Live Performance Streaming Platform

VenewLive is a Digital Live Performance Streaming Platform that delivers a unique immersive experience to global music fans, expanding viewership beyond physical venues. Multi-View enlivens the artist’s performance, delivering on-stage magic and energy to fans virtually. Through VenewLive's digital interactive features, the fans will feel connected to the artist and enjoy a collective viewing experience with other fans.


Our mission is to help artists

VenewLive's mission is to help artists to maximize monetization potential of digital live performances, offering them multiple revenue streams with an artist friendly profit share scheme. Our proprietary cloud-based system requires limited bandwidth from our users, ensuring high-quality experience no matter where they are. It also allows us to be mobile with minimal on-site equipment set-up, reducing production cost. We have already proven the reliability and robustness of our platform with multiple shows, streaming to nearly 1 million concurrent users in 191 countries, during “BTS MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E” concert we hosted in October 2020.


Q : Why should I choose VenewLive over other streaming platforms?

VenewLive offers the best monetization opportunity for artists. Our multi-view technology and digital interactive features will make fans to feel connected to the artist and experience unique immersive concerts.

Q : How can VenewLive help me to create additional revenue opportunities, aside from ticket sales?

VenewLive will create a customized, multi-faceted business model for each artist, including VOD, merchandise, digital items, sponsorship and advertising.

Q : How much should I charge for online concerts?

As a leading pay-per-view live performance streaming platform with proven track record, VenewLive has a deep insight into price elasticity of consumer demand for virtual concerts. We will work with you to develop a customized pricing plan, which is right for your audience.

Q : I want to know more. Whom can I contact?

Please email Our Artist Relations team will reach out to assist.